North Carolina Enduro Series

Series Standings!

New for 2014
Timed Enduro Sections in every race!

It’s all about the downhill, really.  We’re crowning the NC Enduro Champion!  Think you deserve the title?  These Enduro segments will highlight the true descenders in the endurace world.  Race in any 3 BRA events to compete.  (Pisgah Stage Race will count as 2 races).  We’ll award points for each Enduro segment you race and combine the points to crown the top 3 men and women.  The series kicks off in July at the Jerdon Mountain Challenge and a series Champion will be awarded at the Sycamore Cycles Swank 65 in November.  Must be present at (not necessarily race) the Sycamore Cycles Swank 65 to win!

So how exactly does this ENDURO thing work?

A little info about our new chip timing system – We invested in the best system out there and are timing all our events with it this year.  With .001 second read accuracy, our chip timing system allows you to roll through the start and finish of the Enduro segments without having to stop!  We’ve seen and experienced other timing systems where you have to stop and have a card swiped or a device read in order to capture your time.  That is not the case here – you can race all the way to the line without fear of your time being captured! The timer at the start at the top will have a hand held chip reading device and the bottom timer at will have a small structure in place with a chip reading device.  Riders will not need to slow as they enter or exit either timing area but can continue to ride normally along the route.  The “enduro” section will be included with race registration fees and applicable for all participants in the event.

We’ll award 3 deep in the following categories:

Open Men

Open Women

40+ Men

40+ Women

Points will be different for each race starting with the following points for 1st place:

Jerdon = 300

ORAMM = 400

Pisgah Stage Race = 600

Couch Potato = 200

Swank = 200


At the start of the race, you’ll be issued a number plate with a disposable timing chip affixed to it. Then, you’ll start the race normally and ride the entire course as your normally would. As you approach the section of the course containing the Enduro, you’ll be alerted.

There will be signage informing you of the distance to the start of the Enduro.

The start will be clearly marked.

The start will be manned by a race official who will be wielding a hand held chip reading device. They’ll capture your time as you roll by (nevermind the example is road bikes).

The finish of the Enduro will have a chip reading device mounted to a structure located 10 feet above the trail (similar to this although not this large).

That’s it. Ride as normal but be prepared to see some of this out in the woods for the Enduro segments.