Aid Stations

We pride ourselves on Southern Hospitality. Expect to actually get some rest at the stop while our courteous staff fills your water bottles, finds your shuttled items and helps get you on your way.


Rest Stops will be fully stocked with Heed, plenty of cold Water, PB & J, Energy Bars and Drinks, Soda, Bananas, Oranges and Advil.

You can also shuttle any items you like to the rest stop. You will be provided two bags in your race packet with your number on it. These are for use to shuttle your personal items.

We will also have extra bags if needed. There will be a place at the Start to drop your bags in the morning and they will return there after the Rest Stop has closed. You may also pick up your shuttle bag at the awards ceremony each night.

rest stop 3

Each Rest Stop is equipped with a comprehensive first aid kit and CPR trained personnel.

Brevard Rescue Squad will also be on standby at crucial locations along the route each day.


Four wheeler in tow, they are prepared to make a remote rescue if necessary.


Mechanics will also be on hand at each Aid Station to help with any bike issues that may arise on the course. They will be equipped with tubes and patch kits as well as some parts.



The Official Mechanic of the Pisgah Stage Race

Sycamore_HorizNot only is Sycamore Cycles the official mechanic and a premier sponsor of the Pisgah Stage Race, they’re also past competitors and category winners. These guys are serious racers who train on Pisgah’s trails at least 5 days a week, so they know what it takes to make your bike ready day after day.

How it works:

Drop off your clean bike at the Sycamore Cycles tent.  Our mechanic will go over any problems you have and give an estimate for the repair.  They will then transport your bike to their shop to perform the specified repairs.  The following morning, your bike will be waiting for you at the start no later than 8am.

This service is limited to 35 riders per stage.  By signing up early Sycamore Cycles will commit to having parts in stock to fix your bike.  Of course they can’t have every part for every bike but they will have parts to fix common issues on your bike.  Early sign up is highly recommended.   To pre-register for mechanic service, please fill out the Bike Information Form and return it to Sycamore Cycles at

Shipping Your Bike?

If you are interested in shipping your bike to NC, please contact Sycamore Cycles at to discuss shipping options and fees.

Course Markings

The course will be marked with 4″ White Blue Ridge Adventures Tape with Blue Lettering. There will also be Yellow Signage alerting of right turn, left turn, straight ahead and wrong way. White Spray Chalk will also be used to mark turns and significant areas. Course Marshals will be located at key turns on the course each day to ensure riders don’t get lost.

tapeWhite Tape

rest stop 8White Spray Chalk Arrow

2photo1Course Marshal

2017 Pisgah Stage Race Sponsors
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