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Trail Descriptions

Farlow Gap: Probably the Most Technical trail in Pisgah, Farlow’s reputation for “baby heads” does not disappoint. Most riders will be forced to walk either up or downhill at some point on this trail. It starts with a steep climb up FS 229 and ends with a sustained downhill and several technical creek crossings. This one will have you shaking out your arms for sure!

Daniel Ridge: A continuation of Farlow’s rockiness on one side, steep rolling terrain with lots of creek crossings on the other. You’ll ride both sides of this trail at different times during the race.

Cove Creek: A flowy intermediate trail with tons of roots and creek crossings. You will ride this in both directions at the beginning and end of the race.

Butter Gap: This seasonal trail is a local favorite. Rooty singletrack at its best through rhododendron tunnels paralleling Grogan Creek all the way down to Picklesimer Fields.

Long Branch: A technical, sometimes steep climb through rhododendron and laurel thickets back up to FS 475.

Davidson River Trail: An easy flowy trail paralleling FS 475 down to FS 475B.

Cut Off Times

Cutoff Times:

  • Rest Stop 1 – Daniel Ridge Bridge (mile 7) – 12pm
  • Rest Stop 2 – Gloucester Gap (mile 17) – 2pm
  • Rest Stop 3 – Daniel Ridge Bridge (mile 25) – 4pm
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