The 16th Annual Swank 65

November 2, 2014

Registration is Now Open

Sample some of Pisgah's best trails in this great season closer - including the famed Farlow Gap!

The Swank 65 Mountain Bike Journey is mountain bike racing at its most primeval, far removed from civilization and polluted air. The race begins at 2500 feet, and consists of a triad of cloverleaf shaped loops winding around Gloucester Gap in Pisgah National Forest.  Rolling over rugged mining roads, fun single track, tough climbs and hell-raising descents, the exhilarating course will test your skills and desire as you explore the devilish terrain of the Pisgah National Forest.

New for 2014 - Timed Enduro Section!!! We'll be timing your descent on Daniel Ridge! This will allow for a safety accountability of riders mid course and showcase the true descenders in the endurance world.  The timer at the start at the top of Dan iel Ridge at the staircase will have a hand held chip reading device and the bottom timer about 1/4 mile before the rest stop will have a small structure in place with a chip reading device attached to a laptop computer.  Riders will not need to slow as they enter or exit either timing area but can continue to ride normally along the route.  The "enduro" section will be included with registration fees and applicable for all participants in the event. We'll be handing out Enduro awards too!  

This race is limited by the US Forest Service to 200 participants.

*Pending permit by the USFS