Green Racing

We at Blue Ridge Adventures try to live in accord with the earth as much as possible. Call us a bunch of old hippies, we call it logical. Over the past 5 years we have made a big push to limit our impact on the environment as a company – here’s how we’re doing it:

  • Online registration: Gone are the days of printing up a bunch of registration forms for use at the race. Now 98% of our registrations come from online.
  • Online advertising: We primarily use our website, facebook, mtb websites and e-newsletters to get the word out although we do a few media print ads each year also.
  • Reduce: There was a day when we mailed out thousands of flyers for each race to area bike shops for people to pick up and take home with them. Not anymore.
  • Reuse: We reuse mail packaging from our purchases to send out tshirts purchased in our 0nline store, we make our lists on scraps of paper originally intended for a different purpose, we print our receipts on used paper, we wash and use or sell items leftover from rest stop drop bags, we made tableclothes from an old tent top, and we use old bike tubes and tissue paper to make center pieces for the dinner tables at the Pisgah Stage Race. Let’s just say we’re resourceful.
  • Recycle: We recycle everything we can during regular at-home business operations. That means not only paper, plastic, aluminum and beer bottles but also ink cartridges, batteries, and laptop computers. At the race venue, we have extensive recyling collection containers at the finish and at all rest stops. We hand sort all of the recyclables after the event and deliver them to the recycle center ourselves.
  • Earth Friendly Printing: All of our tshirts are printed using the direct-to-garmet process. Not only does this limit the amount of ink wasted in the normal screen printing process, it also allows requires no minimum for printing which means we have less shirts leftover after the race. We also buy recycled paper to print any necessary race forms on and recycle our print cartridges.
  • We Shop Local: We buy all our fruits, sodas and snacks for the rest stops at our local grocers. We also support local restaurants, who also try to use local products, when catering our events.