Jerdon Mountain Challenge- The Course

  • From the town of Old Fort, there is a police lead mass start out US Hwy 70 to Jarrett Creek Rd.
  • From Water St, take a RIGHT on Catawba Avenue.
  • Follow it over the railroad tracks to a stoplight.
  • Make a RIGHT onto US Hwy 70. Travel for approx. miles.
  • Make a LEFT on Curtis Creek Rd. Follow it up for approx. 1.5 miles.
  • Turn LEFT on Jarrett Creek Rd (FS 4030). Follow it down through a recreationarea near the creek, past a gate and up an old double track road.
  • Continue up Jarrett Creek to take a RIGHT on Star Gap (Trail 209)
  • Follow this to make a LEFT on Heartbreak (Trail 208) heading downhill.
  • Turn LEFT on Graphite Rd (SR 1408).
  • REST STOP 1 – Graphite Rd (SR 1408) at Brookside Baptist Church
  • Continue on Graphite Rd to take a RIGHT on Mill Creek Rd.
  • REST STOP 2 – Mill Creek Rd near Ridgecrest Porperty.
  • Take a LEFT on Royal Gorge Rd (frontage road) just before reaching the overpassof Hwy 40.
  • Follow this road through the parking lot and onto Kitsuma (Trail 205)
  • Kitsuma will turn into Youngs Ridge (Trail 206). Follow it down to the Old FortPicnic Area.
  • Turn RIGHT out of the parking lot onto Mill Creek Rd (SR 1407). Follow it for 2miles.
  • Turn RIGHT on Orchard St.
  • Turn LEFT on Commerce St.
  • Turn LEFT onto town singletrack.
  • Cross Catawba Ave onto S. Railroad St.
  • Turn RIGHT onto Mauney Ave and follow it to the finish.

Download Directions as PDF

Jerdon Mountain ChallengeWhat is provided at the Rest Stops and how do I shuttle items? Rest Stops will be fully stocked with CLIF energy drink and products, H20, PB & J, Soda, Bananas, Oranges, Watermelon and Advil. You can also shuttle any items you like to the rest stop. You will be provided four bags in your race packet with your number on it. These are for use to shuttle your personal items. We will also have extra bags if needed. There will be a place at the Start to drop your bags in the morning and they will return there after the Rest Stop has closed.

Cutoff Times:

  • Rest Stop 1 (mile 13) -Cut off time is  11AM
  • Rest Stop 2 (mile 17) -Cut off time is noon