Looking Glass Tour

Looking Glass Tour - The Course

There 4 cut-off times for the event.

  • Rest Stop 1- Mile 21- cut off time – 11:00am
  • Rest Stop 2- Mile 38- cut off time- 12:30pm
  • Rest Stop 3- Mile 53 – cut off time – 2:00 pm
  • Rest Stop 4- Mile 80-  cut off time –  4:00 pm

The Course will be marked with:

  • spray painted green arrows on the road for the 105 miler
  • spray painted orange arrows on the road for the 85 miler 
  • spray painted yellow arrows on the road for the 50 miler
  • police officers at 70%  intersections
  • sandwich boards with directional signage at most turns


There will a  SAG wagon following behind the ride to transport you and your bike back to the finish in case you are unable to complete the route. There is no extra fee for this.