Pisgah Stage Race


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What are people saying about the Pisgah Stage Race?
All sorts of good stuff!

“Could not have asked for a better race to have as a first-timer-five-day-stage-racer!! Pisgah has got me hooked; true-grit style trails, breathtaking scenery and one loving community filled with happy, kind people. Todd, the BRA crew and volunteers were AMAZING! Everyone on board was consistently helpful and friendly. The event was insanely fun and well organized. The shuttle drop system and rest stop zones smoothly every day….Yes, Pisgah met and exceeded my expectations. Yes, it’s world class and yes, it’s bad ass! See ya’ll next year ” – Jena Greaser (2017 Pisgah Stage Race Women’s Overall Champion)

“The Pisgah Stage Race is a damn fine event and a memorable immersion into a part of the country where the outdoor heritage is deep and sweet, and the trails are raw and rough. Challenging, rewarding, everything a mountain bike race should be.” – Spencer Paxson (6-time member of the US National Team for World Championships, multi-time podium finisher at the US National Championships, and two-time Olympic Long Team member)

“After this week, I’m gonna say (Pisgah National Forest) is definitely in the top 3 places in the universe I’ve ever ridden, maybe the best one.  I think the Pilot Rock trail, which you’re gonna ride a bunch, and everyone else in the world should come ride, is probably the best downhill I’ve ever done.” – Adam Craig (MTB Olympian, National Champion, SS World Champion)

“Not only are the race promoter and his staff going the extra mile to make this event perfect, but also all the sponsors and the entire town are going out of their way to support the racers.  I’ve done a lot of racing over the years and I don’t think that I can compare the support at this race to any others that I’ve done.” – Gerry Pflug (3 time NUE Single Speed Champion)

“The combination of awesome course, incredible volunteers, random trailside memorabilia (including a giant white squirrel, a banjo player, Darth Vader, funny lady yelling in the bushes, and awesome aid station people) and incredibly friendly Brevard locals, makes this a world class grassroots adventure. All the fun and camaraderie of a small race organized with the precision of a pro event.” – Melanie McQuaid (3 time XTERRA World Champion)

“This race hit all the marks” – Harlan Price

“This is what mountain biking used to be like” – Jeremiah Bishop