1. What is the Pisgah Stage Race? Over five days, elite athletes as well as dirt cycling enthusiasts will push themselves like they have never done before. There will be rest stops each day with food, water, mechanical and medical assistance. You may also shuttle items. This is not an adventure survival event!

2. Do I need a racing license and what is my racing age? No you will not need a USA cycling license to race this event. Your racing age is your age on 12/31/2019.

3. How do team categories work? There are two Duo Team (2 person) categories: For the Duo Team category, riders race together each day and must cross the finish line within 5 minutes of one another. If there is more than 5 minutes between finishing times, then teams will be given a 1 hour penalty. This rule is only in effect at the finish line. You do not have to be together at rest stops or on the ride.

4. Do stage race wins receive prize money and leader’s jerseys in all categories? Industry Nine is sponsoring cash prizes for the Final top 3 Open men and women-$750, $500, $250. Mossy Mountain Bikeworks is sponsoring cash prizes to the Final top 3 men and women- $150, $130, $120.

5.  Where does each stage start? All the routes starts are 20 min from the town of Brevard at the most. 3 of the 5 stages are 5 minutes from town!

6. How do I get to there?

Please refer to this map as another helpful reference.

Riders will be shuttled from the Brevard Music Center on Saturday to a remote start at the North Carolina Outward Bound School – No one is permitted to drive to this start.

7.  What is the best airport to fly in to? We would recommend flying in to the Asheville Regional Airport.

8. What are the average and winning times?

  • Stage 1: winning time-1hr 52min | avg time-2hr 30min
    Stage 2: winning time-2hr 14min | avg time-3hr 35min
    Stage 3: winning time-2hr 29min | avg time-3hr 45min
    Stage 4: winning time-2hr 41min | avg time-3hr 35min
    Stage 5: winning time-2hr 05min | avg time-3hr 15min

9. Do I have to drop out of the race if I can’t finish a stage? No. You can still compete in the race if for some reason you cannot finish a stage. You will be given a time penalty and awarded the time of the final finisher (in your category) + 1 hour for the stage. Your time will still be documented on the final results.

10. How many racers are allowed at this event ? 200

Pisgah Stage Race, 2017


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Pisgah Stage Race, 2017

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