Stage 1

CLIF’s Looking Glass Route

Tuesday, April 14th , 2020

  • 21.5 miles / 35 km
  • 4,042 ft / 1232 m  elevation gain
  • Winning  time- 1hr 55 min.
  • Average  time – 3 hr. 35 min..
  • Named for Looking Glass Rock – a nearly 4,000′ tall piece of exposed whiteside granite


Pisgah Stage Race




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Stage 2

Sunset Motel’s Promised Land Route

Wednesday, April 15th , 2020Sunset-Color-logo

  • 29 miles / 46.5 km
  • 3878 ft / 1182 m  elevation gain
  • Winning time- 2hr 14min.
  • Average time- 3hr 35 min.
  • Named for Mt. Pisgah – the mountain in the Bible from which Moses saw the Promised Land.




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Stage 3

Sycamore Cycles’ White Squirrel Route

Sycamore_HorizThursday, April 16 , 2020

  • 29.5 miles / 47.5 km
  • 6000 ft / 1830 m  elevation gain
  • Winning time- 2 hr. 46 min.
  • Average time- 4 hrs 30 min.
  • Named for the Brevard town mascot – the White Squirrel – often see on the campus of Brevard College




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Stage 4

FOX Factory’s Carl Schenck Route

Friday, April 17 , 2020

  • 31.5 miles / 50.5 km psr sponsor
  • 4113 ft / 1254 m  elevation gain
  • Winning time- 2 hrs 41 min.
  • Average time- 3 hrs 35 min.
  • Starts at The Cradle of Forestry-Birthplace of Forest Conservation in America
  • Named for Dr. Carl Schenck who was brought to the area in 1895 by the Vanderbilt family (Biltmore Estate) to manage the forest. He worked with Vanderbilt to form today’s current system of managing the National Forest through the United States.




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Stage 5

Industry Nine’s The Land of Waterfalls Route

Saturday, April 18 , 2020




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How do I get to each stage start/finish?

Please refer to this map as another helpful reference.

2019 Pisgah Stage Race Sponsors
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