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Kitsuma Ridge/Youngs Peak: This trail begins with a series of technical uphill switchbacks. Once at the top, this hairline trail hugs tightly to the ridgeline with thick rhododendron tunnels closing you in on the sides at times. This 5 mile trail runs mostly downhill. A lot of the trail is smooth and buff, but screaming down an 8 inch wide singletrack along a 60-degree fall line definitely gets the adrenaline pumping! You will ride this trail twice in the race.

Star Gap: This trail shares the bottom of Heartbreak Ridge and veers right at Star Gap to climb up and down along the side of the mountain then drop switchback style down to Jarret Creek Road.

Jarrett Creek Road: This trail has turned into singletrack the past few years due to its lack of use as a road anymore. Flows along for several miles to end at Curtis Creek Road.

Curtis Creek Road: A persistant nine mile gravel road climb to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Blue Ridge Parkway: A short jaunt on the Blue Ridge Parkway offers some easy spinning “rest” time.

Heartbreak Ridge: A local favorite and our favorite too! We adopted this trail in 2002 and have donated hundreds of hours to help maintain it. Starts from the Blue Ridge Parkway with a short technical hike a bike section. After that, it’s a series of drops and climbs along the ridgeline with plenty of tight singletrack. This ride boasts killer views, heart racing technical sections, and a long sustained downhill.

Cut Off Times

Cutoff Times:

  • Rest Stop 1¬†– 12PM (mile 15)
  • Rest Stop 2 – 2PM (mile 26)
  • Water Stop – 3PM (mile 31)
  • Rest Stop 3 – 4PM (mile 36)
  • Rest Stop 4 – 7PM (mile 48) *Must have working headlight to continue after 6pm
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