ORAMM - The Course

What is provided at the Rest Stops and how do I shuttle items? Rest Stops will be fully stocked with CLIF energy drink and products, plenty of cold Water, PB & J, Soda, Bananas, Oranges and Advil. You can also shuttle any items you like to the rest stop. You will be provided two ziploc bags in your race packet with your number on it. Your race packet bag can also serve as a drop bag since it is numbered also. These are for use to shuttle your personal items. There will be a place at the Start to drop your bags in the morning and they will return there after the Rest Stop has closed. Check the schedule for exact times of return.

Rest Stop info:

  • Rest Stop 1 – Mile 15 – Bottom of Mill Creek Road/Star Gap Cut off time is noon
  • Rest Stop 2 – Mile 25 – bottom of Jarrett Creek Road at field across from Recreation Area. Cut off time is 2:00pm
    Water Stop – Mile 31 – Midway up Curtis Creek Road. Cut off time I see 3:00pm
  • Rest Stop 3 – Mile 36 – Top of Curtis Creek Road on other side of Blue Ridge Parkway. Cut off time is 4:00pm
  • Rest Stop 4 – Mile 48 – Bottom of Mill Creek Road/Star Gap Cut off time is 7:00 pm