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Pisgah Triple Crown Points Series

The Pisgah Triple Crown consists of 4 races.  Each race has points awarded to the place you are at an event.  The racers with the top 3 points in each category will be crowned at the final event.  We have created two series.  One for the hard core riders and one for the more casual racer.  Each race takes place in the Pisgah and Uwharrie National Forests and delivers demanding terrain on some of the oldest mountains in the world!  You will enter in the backcountry at every event so come prepared for any situation.

Hard Core Series


Long Course*

Feb. 24, 2024


June 9, 2024


July 21, 2024


November 2024

Casual Racer Series

Short Course*


Feb. 24, 2024


June 8, 2024


July 20, 2024


November 2024

*Uwharrie MTB Challenge is run by our sister company, Trans-Sylvania Productions.


2024 Rules

  • Must finish three of four races to qualify for series awards.

  • Series points will be based on your three best races.  (1) If you race in all four races, your lowest score will be thrown out.  (2) If you only race in three races, those three scores go towards your series points.  (3) If you race in only one or two events, you do not qualify for series awards.

  • Highest number points will win that category.

  • If there is a tie in points at the end of the series, the tie breaker will go to the racer with the highest points in the first race they competed together in.  For example, if racer #1 competed in race #1, #2, and #4 and Racer #2 competed in race #2, #3, and #4, then the racer with the highest points in race #2 wins the tie breaker.

  • You must complete each race on your own bike.  You are allowed to get help with mechanicals from other racers/spectators/mechanics.

  • Series Director reserves the right to make any decisions not covered above.  

2024 Points

Points will be earned by the place you finish in your category.  Points will start at 200 and one point will be deducted for each place down the line.  See below for points scale example.

1st Place --
2nd Place --
3rd Place --
4th Place --
5th Place --
6th Place --
7th Place --
8th Place --
9th Place --
10th Place --
Etc. --

200 Points
199 Points
198 Points
197 Points
196 Points
195 Points
194 Points
193 Points
192 Points
191 Points

You must complete at least three races to qualify for 2024 awards.  Series awards will be based off of your best three of four scores.


2024 Series Awards

  • Top 3 in each category will receive a nice custom wood award.

  • Top 3 from each category will be put into a raffle for prizes from our friends at Industry Nine and Fox.  Prizes include items such as wheel sets, forks, and seat posts.  

  • Top 3 (and possibly more) in each category will earn race credit to one of our stage races.  If you aren't aware, we operate the Pisgah Stage Race, Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic, and the Trans-Sylvania Gravel Epic.  Credit TBD.

Past Results

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