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NC Enduro Series – The Future of Freshness

Blue Ridge Adventures

Welcome to the 2014 Bike Racing Season. We’ve been a favorite racing company for bike enthusiasts for the past 16 years. Check out our upcoming races and please feel free to email us with any questions. Let’s...

NC ENDURO Series Standings

Here are Series Standings after three races, with the Pisgah Stage Race counting as 2 0f the 3 required to compete.  The Couch Potato and Swank are going to be big determiners for who wins overall! 2014 Enduro...

Road Bike Races


50 & 100 Mile Routes
2890' & 9000' Elevation


40, 60 & 100K Routes
958', 922' & 2477' Elevation
Mountain Bike Races


26 Miles
3600' Elevation


60 miles
10,500'+ Elevation


5 Days 140 miles
20,000' Elevation


30 miles
3800'+ Elevation


40 miles
5800'+ Elevation
Kid Bike Races

May 2014

3 Race Series in May
1-2 miles

September 2014

3 Race Series in September
1-2 miles