20th Annual
Off-Road Assault on Mt. Mitchell

2019 Registration Now Open!

July 28th,  2019 – 60 MILES – 10,500’+ ELEVATION

The Off-Road Assault on Mt. Mitchell is a 60 mile mostly off road Bicycle route with 10,500 feet of climbing. From Old Fort you climb up to the Blue Ridge Parkway and just below Mt. Mitchell on beautiful Forest Service roads and unbelievable North Carolina single track. There are fully stocked rest stops approximately every 10 miles and you can send anything you want to the rest areas with our staff. Mt. Mitchell peaks at 6684 ft and is the highest mountain east of the Mississippi river. The start/finish in the town of Old Fort sits at around 1400 feet. Most of the climbing is on Forest Service roads while most of the single track points downhill!


Do not underestimate the extreme difficulty and danger of this event. The course is extremely demanding and travels over rugged terrain with extreme elevation changes. The forest remains in its natural habitat. It is not uncommon to see wildlife such as a wild cat or a black bear. Be ready to cope with any circumstances!! Please note that firearms are not permitted in certain areas. Aid stations will help with safety matters, but it is the competitor’s ultimate responsibility to insure his or her own safety. A few course-related facts: the 63 mile course record was set in 2014 by pro rider Thomas Turner, who finished in 4 hours 23 minutes. One rider completed the course with only one month of riding under his belt, however this rider quit riding altogether after the race! Others too have retired their biking efforts after competing in this race. This is not your typical race. Regardless of how you finish, you will have competed in the most exciting mountain bike race in the entire Southeast!!!


This race is limited by the US Forest Service to 400 participants.


Date: July 28, 2019 (Rain or Shine)

Time: Mandatory ride meeting at start line at 7:50am. Ride starts at 8:00am. ORAMM

Packet Pickup: Registration packet pickup begins race morning at 6am. Early packet pickup will be available on Friday from 4-8pm and on Saturday from 1-4pm at the Finish in the grassy field beside the Gateway Museum. I.D. Required

Fee: $140 till 6/23/19   $150.00 till 7/21/19  $160.00 day of

Amenities: Time clock, Awesome Rest Stops, Oskar Blues Beer with Pasta (Meat or Vegetarian) Feast, Well Marked Route, Restrooms, Wicked NC Singletrack and so much more.

Required Gear: All riders must wear a secure helmet at all times during the race. Riders will need to exhibit a white light for the front of their bike and a red light for the back of their bike while on the Blue Ridge Parkway since they will be riding through tunnels.

Rest Stops: There are 4 rest stops including a water stop 3/4 of the way up Curtis Creek Road. Approximately every 10 miles you will reach a rest stop.  You may shuttle anything you want to any of the 4 rest stops on the course. Be prepared to label and bag up your personal items by 7:30 am. Rest stops are stocked with H20, CLIF Energy fuel, assorted snacks, fresh fruits, PB&J sandwiches, and lots of encouragement from our rest stop personnel! *Mandatory Cutoff Times –You must finish before Dark*

Finish Party: Each rider will receive tickets for Food and beer. Additional will be available for purchase and for spectators. Massage will also be available for purchase.

T Shirts: 100% cotton pre-shrunk Tshirts is an option to all participants registered by July 1st.   Sure to be the envy of all your friends.

Injuries: Have no illusions you can escape some type of injury on 60 miles of rough terrain. Whether in be an abrasion or a mental breakdown, everyone suffers in one way or another.

For 2019, all of Blue Ridge Adventures’ races help support the Bread of Life.




Is there required gear? Yes! All riders will be required to carry a front white light and rear red light. These will need to be on during the Blue Ridge Parkway section of the ride. Volunteers at Rest Stop 3 will be checking for your lights and you will not be allowed to continue without them. You are also required to wear a helmet at ALL times during the event. This includes the climb up Curtis Creek Road. Otherwise, the gear you wear/carry is up to you although we recommend bringing basic repair tools with you (tube, pump, tire levers, etc).

How will the course be marked? The course will be marked with 4″ White Tape with Blue Lettering. There will also be yellow signage alerting of right turn, left turn, straight ahead and wrong way. White spray chalk and sandwich boards will also be used to mark turns and significant areas. Any pavement will be marked using YELLOW Spray Paint.


What is provided at the Rest Stops and how do I shuttle items? Rest Stops will be fully stocked with Heed, plenty of cold Water, PB & J, Soda, Bananas, Oranges and Advil. You can also shuttle any items you like to the rest stop. You will be provided two ziploc bags in your race packet with your number on it. Your race packet bag can also serve as a drop bag since it is numbered also. These are for use to shuttle your personal items. There will be a place at the Start to drop your bags in the morning and they will return there after the Rest Stop has closed. Check the schedule for exact times of return.

Where are the Rest Stops?

  • Rest Stop 1 – Mile 15 – Bottom of Mill Creek Road/Star Gap
  • Rest Stop 2 – Mile 25 – bottom of Jarrett Creek Road at field across from Recreation Area
  • Water Stop – Mile 31 – Midway up Curtis Creek Road
  • Rest Stop 3 – Mile 36 – Top of Curtis Creek Road on other side of Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Rest Stop 4 – Mile 48 – Bottom of Mill Creek Road/Star Gap

Venue & Parking

Directions to Mountain Gateway Museum

Venue Map

Know where to find things at the venue.  This map is helpful to see where to drop your rest stop items, where the bathrooms are located and where the merchandise tent is to get your tickets for food/beer/wine.

Parking Map

We have a New Parking setup this year.  Please do not park in the old lot.  Parking is available on Commerce St.



Lodging / Camping options in Old Fort, NC



ORAMM Schedule


We encourage your friends and family members to cheer you on during the race and have maps available for them at the registration area.

Please take note, spectators are allowed at Rest Stops 1/4 & 2 ONLY. Do not have your support meet you on the Blue Ridge Parkway or you will be disqualified.

We have had issues with parking in the past at the rest stop locations, so will be enforcing parking guidelines to ensure a safe event for all involved.

Rest Stop 1/4

  • Spectators will need to park in the back of the Brookside Baptist Church parking lot. Follow signage and parking assistant.
  • Please do not park on the road! There is plenty of parking in the grassy field behind the church.
  • Please be considerate and respectful as church will be in session during the race.

Rest Stop 2

  • Spectators will need to park on Curtis Creek Road with all wheels OFF the road so as to not cause interference with regular traffic.
  • Do not park on the dirt road leading to the rest stop area or in the recreation area parking lot.
  • We are required by the Forest Service to keep the recreation parking area open for other users of the forest.
  • Walk down the road and through the recreation area to a grassy field on the left which will host the Rest Stop.
Area Map


Directions to ORAMM Rest Stop 1/4

From the Gateway Museum in Downtown Old Fort:

  • Turn LEFT on Highway 70/W Main St.
  • Turn RIGHT on Old US Highway 70 towards Andrew’s Geyser.
  • You will travel for a few miles and eventually see the Kitsuma Picnic Area on your left.
  • Turn RIGHT onto Mill Creek Road.
  • You will travel for another 2.5 miles or so passing Andrew’s Geyser. Mill Creek Road will turn left into gravel.
  • Stay STRAIGHT/Veer RIGHT on Graphite Road.
  • There will be an assistant and signage directing you to park in the BACK of the church parking lot. Please keep in mind Church is in session during the race.

Directions to ORAMM Rest Stop 2

From the Gateway Museum in Downtown Old Fort:

  • Turn RIGHT on Highway 70/E Main St.
  • Travel for 1.8 miles.
  • Turn LEFT on Curtis Creek Road.
  • The Rest Stop location will be 1.4 miles up on your left.
  • You will need to park on Curtis Creek Road, with ALL wheels off the road and not blocking the entrance to the recreation area.
  • You cannot access the rest stop by car directly and will need to walk a short distance on the gravel road down to the grassy field where the rest stop is located.
  • You cannot park in the recreation area parking lot as this area is to remain open for other users of the forest.
  • Sandwich boards will assist you in finding the rest stop location.


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